Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Down, Seven More To Go

Hello, All You Media-Savvy Types!

Welcome to my first ever podcast-only blog entry!

As self-explanatory as it may be, I still can't post it without running off at the keyboard for a bit, if only to give this special audio entry a bit of context.

As I've said before, writing my recently published book was easy, it's what to do after I was finished that caused palpitations.  After I opted to self-publish the novel, I began to wrestle with new complications.  Indeed, if a tree falls in the forest and someone makes a self-published book out of it, will anyone read it?

Chad Pelley told me in an email recently that "people have to hear about a book eight to ten times before they decide to buy it."  Well, as a self-published author, that kinda leaves me behind the eight ball.  I don't have a big-scale publishing house or agency booking me into signings, public readings or media interviews.  Whatever can the mute slash invisible indie author do?

Well, if there's anything my previous experience as a pushy call center sales drone has taught me: be aggressive and put yourself out there.

Just after the holidays I had the good fortune to appear on Stephen Patrick Clare's CKDU radio show "The Book Club" with my local literary co-conspirator Donal Power, editor of Halifax's guerilla poetry journal Open Heart Forgery.  At the time I made mention to Stephen that my own book was coming down the pike so, on August 9'th, 2011, he invited me back into the studio to talk about it.

Here's the resulting interview in its entirety:  

EPIC:  It's grassroots radio stations like 88.1 FM CKDU that really help out the indie writer.

EPIC TUNAGE:  I'm hearing what Faith No More is on about here, but I'd like avoid taking a shot in the mouth if at all possible...

P.S. FAIL The reason I haven't done a video for my book yet is because I want to avoid insipid disasters like this:

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