Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cop Out

Hey, Party People.

When I first started this blog back in the first week of April it began with the lofty goal of doing five entries (and one original comic) per week.  This was fine at first since I had a bunch of material already written and it was just a matter of transcribing it.

In order to keep doing the comic I eventually felt compelled to scale my entries back to three a week.  Then I dropped the comic, which really killed me since I loved doing it so much.  My inability to produce just one original strip every week and present it in a way I was happy with was pretty depressing, but since it would often take me the better part of a day to do it, keeping it up just wasn't feasible.  

But even the time required to compose what amounts to three original essays a week is starting to prevent me from doing other things.

So, until further notice, I'll only be doing one update a week from here on in.  Cataloged here in no particular order are my various lame excuses as to why:
  • Right now I'm in the process of doing a final edit on my first full-length novel.  I've decided what direction I want to take it in, at least for the time being.  Getting this hammered into shape to share with people as soon as possible is officially my new number-one priority.
  • I have tons of travel video footage I need to edit.  Once this is complete I want to try my hand at making some docs about my love of board games and a few simple, fictional movies.  Y'know, just for kicks. 
  • I don't want these posts to become obligatory.  I want them to be inspired by my legitimate desire to share something versus: "Oh shit, it's time for me to do an entry.  I've gotta talk about something, but what?  Hmmmm.  Wait, I've got it!  Today's blog entry will be all about the ravages of mailbox rust!"  Having said that, people who really know me will attest to the fact that I haven't come anywhere close to that point yet.  In fact, I've yet to tell some of my best tales and hopefully one day I'll get a chance to do just that.   
  • When I first started this racket back in April I was painfully aware that someday the time would come when I'd have to start thinking practically and figure out what I'm willing to force myself to do professionally for the rest of my life.  From here on in I really need to dedicate most of my time to puzzling out just how I'm going to accomplish this.  Frankly I'd still like a career involving writing somehow but I honestly don't know if I have the chops to make a go of it.  Right now, even after more than one-hundred entries, all I have for motivation is a burgeoning hit count and some precious scraps of feedback from a handful of charitable souls who were kind enough to take the time out of their busy day to send an encouraging note (for which I'm eternally grateful).  It's sad for me to type this but my career reboot/job search must soon take precedence over all else.    
  • I was really disappointed by the lack of advice I received for this entry:  What can I say, I'm petty.  Ultimately the whole point of doing this blog was to get some immediate feedback from people.  I really don't want to monologue, watch the hit counter creep up and, in the process, never hear from anyone who might be reading.  I was hoping to engage people so much that they'd feel compelled to get involved when I asked them to.  Besides, I was serious when I said I needed help.  Only now do I feel like I'm getting some semblance of guidance, even if it is twenty years overdue.  Frankly, I'm addicted to the unique perspectives that only people far wiser than I can provide.        
Hey, don't mind my bellyachin'.  Fall always gets me down.  I guess the change of seasons is always  irrefutable proof that time keeps marching on.  

As soon as the final edit of my book is complete I'll try and go back to doing three entries a week and maintain it for as long as I can.  Who knows, I might have this work completed by the end of the month and things will get right back to normal.  Or it could be a permanent thing.  I guess it'll just depend on my mood.  We'll see...

Bottom line is, I want to be proud of every post I put up.  I want each one to tell a story and have as much resonance with readers as possible.  I don't want to start phoning these suckers in.

Well, except maybe for this one of course....Heh, Heh! 

Keep watching this space, Kind Visitor, and thanks for reading thus far!

EPIC:  Now these dudes knows how to stick to a schedule!  Here's some consistently funny webcomic goodness courtesy of Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza's "Least I Could Do".  Be warned...adultish content be here. 



Brodie said...

Kudos on seeing the limits inherent to this system, and being realistic about them! There's a lot to be said for that! Quality over quantity, right? :)

Anonymous said...

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