Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrections are big this time of year, aren't they?

Podcast audio: David Bowie "Changes" from the album Hunky Dory.

Hunky Dory

Greetings, Gentle Reader.

Welcome to my Emblogification Capture Device!

Before I go any further I'd like to give a shout-out to Michael Chiasson, who's considerably less frivolous blog "Daddy's Home" gave me endless inspiration. Not necessarily to reproduce, but just, y'know the idea to...*ahem* blog about something. Trust me, I just spent Easter weekend with my wife's sister's kids and I'm seriously considering a procedure. Just kidding, gals, I love ya!

On April 1'st 2010 I decided to honor April Fools Day by leaving a job I've been doing for the past ten years. In a time of fragile economic recovery you may think me mad, and trust me, you'd have ample evidence (just don't believe what that clown at The Source in Halifax Shopping center says about me, if I'd just had a smidge more plutonium last time my idea would have gone off without a hitch, I guarantee). Regardless of how crazy it seems I still cling to one thing my parents always taught me which was that "The only jobs worth doing are the ones you can have a personal impact on." Well, actually, I don't think they ever told me that verbatim, but, hey, I still think it sounds cool.

Regardless of how I cooked up that little chestnut I believe in it firmly. This was my first day not being a cog in a corporate engine. All I did today was reorganize my storage closet, write a movie review for my Facebook profile, make mexican soup, vacuum, sweep my patio and watch an episode of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" (see EPIC/FAIL below) yet I feel I've done more sensible and productive things today than I did at work for the past three months. Sad but true.

One thing I learned working in call centers for the past fifteen years ("Fifteen years?!! Sweet Jesus, he's gotta be ready for the booby-hatch by now!") is that people really love reality shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, or Who Wants To Be Groped By a Bill Lynch Fair Employee?. Personally, I hate the &$!@@!* things (since I maintain that you are your own reality show), but I understand why folks watch 'em. Since most of them are the equivalent of watching a slow-motion bus-wreck, many people believe they cater to the lowest common denominator of humanity: the fan of Schadenfreude or those that take pleasure from the misfortunes of others.

I like to retain a bit more hope in the human race, however, and maintain that as much as people like to watch others fail they also get a rush out of witnessing when someone succeeds at dream fulfillment. And although I've finally figured out what it means to be "long in the tooth" now (seriously, why do your front teeth start to look like cuttle bones after a certain age?) , I still have this dream to make a living in some sort of creative venture.

So, Gentle Reader, take my hand and come with me as we wind on down a road of high adventure. I'd appreciate any good karma you can afford but you'd be forgiven if mean ole' schadenfreude takes hold sometimes and you feel like laughing and pointing when I mess up royally.

Stay tuned, folks, next I'm hoping to get into some juicy back story which hopefully will get you all up to speed. I'm sure you'll find it amusing. Or utterly sad, I'm not sure which.

Until then, check out today's EPIC/FAIL links...special T.V. edition!




Brodie said...

Congrats on losing the shackles man! The blogosphere is better for you being in it!

Flava Dave said...

Merci, sir. Thanks for the inspiration as previously mentioned...

m said...

Serge. Glad (I hate that word by the way) you are doing something creative. No, that's not it. Happy to see that you've left the corporate world prior to developing a serious case of anal leakage. That, or becoming a real life character in the possible sequel to The Gum Thief. Good work meng. Two suggestions however. One: invest some money (like 200 bucks) and get yourself a website where you can post a blog and pics and other 'art' where you could possibly get some advertising, exposure, and a funny thing called cash. Two: get off your pasty ass and come to Cuba so that you can write about things that will really make a difference in this world like the plight of mulatto chambermaids forced to de-clog cum clenched pubic hair bathtub drains with toothpicks and broken barretts. Anyhoo, this is just like, my opinion, man. - Good work.

Flava Dave said...

Hey, Paco.

Yes, a website is in the works. Two Decembers ago I talked to some people to produce a website but they wanted about $2000.00 bucks for it. Later that month I actually bought a domain name and some internet real estate but haven't had a chance to do anything with it until now.

As for the Cuba request I gotta say after that...,ahem...,COLORFUL image I've changed my mind! Eeeeeewwwwww. Seriously, going on a vacation right when I just quit my job would be breaking the volume knob off the responsibility meter.

We'll go sometime, tho, I promise.

All de best, Homes. Thanks for reading and giving a crap.