Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BUS STORY # 1: Canadian Multi-tasking

Hey, folks.

Quintessentially Canadian moment here: today my bus driver was navigating this massive vehicle, whilst (and at the same time) "Rolling Up His Rim To Win".

I can't believe this guy was endangering all our lives for the remote possibility of winning a petrified cookie. People getting on the bus could have been putting bingo chips in the till for all the attention they were getting.

All that was important to his guy was gnawing the side off this cardboard cup, driving with one hand and hoping to God that he didn't kill us all in a totally negligent manner.

Oh, yeah, he didn't win, by the way. The partially-masticated cup ended up in a flimsy, white, plastic bag attached to the back of his seat.

Frankly I felt cheap and I believe my fellow public transportationists felt cheap.

EPIC: http://www.rolluptherimtowin.com/en/2010winners.php?prizeyear=2010
FAIL: http://www.buzzbishop.com/blog/2008/02/25/rrroll-up-the-un-recyclable-rim/

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Brodie said...

Bus fare - $2.25
Surviving the conversion of Metro Transit and Tim Hortons - priceless