Sunday, September 30, 2012

Speed Dating 101

Greetings, Love Birds.

Hate slogging through the dating scene?  Wanna save yourself a metric shit-ton of time, effort and heartache?

To gauge the suitability of a potential soul mate all you need to do is ask them the following five simple questions (preferably while on your first date):

(1)    What’s your favorite movie?
(2)    What’s your favorite comic book or novel?
(3)    What’s your favorite T.V. show?
(4)    What’s your favorite album?
(5)    What’s your favorite board game or video game?

If all of your prospective love interest's answers are vapid, inexplicable, distasteful or ends up erasing every iota of respect you have for them as a human being, then I highly suggest that you stand up, excuse yourself, walk away and then never think of them in a romantic light ever again.

Trust me, if you don't share any common ground at all in these areas then your chances for "happily ever after" is about as likely as a Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes reconciliation.      

WARNING: Waiting to ask these all-important questions until you're firmly entrenched in a long-term relationship may result in disillusionment, arguments, trial separation, or, in worst case scenarios, divorce.

EPIC 'TOON  'Nuff said.


FAIL  Fibbing about compatibility: never a good start to a relationship.


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Mark Rose said...

The comic/novel question for me is two questions :D