Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Five Signs...

...That Your Plane Is Definitely Bound For Newfoundland:
  1. You notice a disproportionate amount of passengers sporting mesh "Arctic Cat" ball caps, post-Movember expired mustaches and seven-month-along maternity beer guts. 
  2. Despite how smooth the flight is, several travelers maintain white-knuckled grips on the armrests of their chairs or are tapping out an incessant Morse Code S.O.S. of barely restrained terror with their cowboy-booted feet.
  3. There are more gold chains present then at an A3C Festival.   
  4. Aerial manoeuvres more ambitious then a 10 degree roll are accompanied by charming homilies of panic such as "Holy f#@$!!!" or "Jesus Christ, I don't know 'bout 'dis!"
  5. After realizing that the flight desk has only called rows twenty and higher to board, a passenger turns to his buddy and says "Oh, we're not s'posed to get on 'er yet, brud!  Gives us time fer anudder beer, 'dough, ay, bye?!"
EPIC:  Okay, so we might not be too keen on air travel, but we're quick to help those who are...

FAIL: Hey, at least we don't act like this jack-hole...

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