Thursday, May 5, 2011

♪ ♫ Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead! ♪ ♫ But Which Witch?

Greetings, Vigilant Viewers at the Vanguard!

Well, the world is all abuzz with the news that Al-Qaeda mastermind Osama Bin Laden was gunned down in his phat, palatial Pakistani mansion on Sunday.  Ever since that happened we've been treated to Tom Clancy-flavored press conferences,  jubilant celebrations, approval rating bumps, and groups of drunken frat-boys screaming "USA!  USA!" as if they're at an 80's era WWF wrestling match featuring Hulk Hogan vs. The Iron Sheik.

There's also a small but vocal outcry from a passionate and vigilant segment of the population that believes that Bin Laden actually died ages ago or more to the point, he ain't dead at all.

And frankly, they do have a bit of ammo to work with.  We've been told that there's now no impending video or photos and the body itself was dumped quicker then a 7-2 off suit in a game of Texas Hold 'Em.

So, almost appropriately, Osama Bin Laden's death is now cloaked in as much secrecy as his life.  With the assumption that the mainstream media might not be telling us everything about this boogyman-like character, what follows is:


(1) He was never indicted for the 9/11 attacks even though both the Bush and Obama administration keep pushing the two of them together like grade school kids at a Spring Formal dance...

(2) On the day of 9/11, the mainstream media told all of us, in no uncertain terms, who we should be blaming: a billionaire genius who hates us, lives underground and used to work for the good guys until he learned all of their secrets and switched over to the Dark Side.  A man that they often come close to capturing but always mysteriously gets away and leaves behind a threatening tape!   To paraphrase Joe Rogan, it's like an 'effin comic book, people!

Wow, can you think of a more appropriate James Bond/Ernst Stavro Blofeld type of character to blame for the epic super villainry that was 9/11?

As a corollory for #1, it's interesting to note that at the end of this vid even "Tricky" Dick Cheney himself says that "we've never made the case or argued the case that somehow Osama Bin Ladin was directly involved in 9/11.  That evidence has never been forthcoming."   Really?  Then who told the media to finger him constantly after 9/11 and, more importantly, why?

He also inexplicably keeps getting mixed up with another recently-deceased Middle Eastern boogyman:

(3)  We've all heard rumors about Bin Laden being trained and funded by the C.I.A. to oppose the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but how many of us know that this relationship indirectly goes back a lot further then we originally thought?  In this segment we learn that Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor (and current Obama Foreign Policy Advisor) Zbigniew Brzezinski worked with Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda predecessors the Mujahideen as early as 1979 to try and goad the Russians into a Vietnam-type scenario.

(4) The previous vid actually touches on this a bit at the end, but here's more about how the very term "Al-Qaeda" is actually an American construct:

(5) To take things one step further, if it's a proven fact that Bin Laden worked in close conjunction with the C.I.A., is it completely outside the realm of posibility that he and his cronies were card-carrying operatives at one point?

In fact, these young Pakistanis seemed to be totally convinced:

(6)  His identity in the so-called 9/11 "confession video" released by the C.I.A. is still seriously dodgy, IMHO...

Look, I understand what poor video quality and a screwed up aspect ratio does to an image, but I gotta say, the dude in this video bears as much of a similarity to the real Bin Laden as Ryan Seacrest does to James Earl Jones.

Hell, even his own son doesn't think it's him...

(7)  Then there are reports of Bin Laden being treated at an American military hospital as late as July 2001:  (WTF?!?!)

(8) That he toured around the United States under the alias of  "Tim Osmond"?   Jesus, didn't he play second base for the Orioles around that same time?

(9) That a slew of people thought he was already dead a long time ago:

(10) His death seems to be cloaked in as much mystery as his life. It's only been a few days and there's already enough discrepancies to feed conspiracy theories for years:

Also interesting to note about that last clip, the date of 2001 keeps coming up over and over again relating to Bin Laden's death.  This time his will is actually referenced!

When this story first broke, President Obama said he'd provide conclusive evidence that Bin Laden was dead. Now they've pulled back on that promise:

Human shields vs. no human shields? Unarmed or not?  My tax return this year was less confusing...

And why was his body dumped so quickly in the first place and in such a conclusive manner?  Since he's the modern age's equivalent of Adolph Hitler, wouldn't it have made more sense for the Americans to lord over his death in no uncertain terms before doing so?

Look here, folks, I honestly don't know what all of this adds up to, if anything.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that, like me, you may have had a gut reaction to this story which told you "something here just don't add up".  I'm not a Politcal Scientist, but when taken together, the connotations for all of this stuff is pretty unnerving...

The older I get the more I've trust my intuition.  I'm sure the official story is spot on, but if just a cursory search through alternative media reveals all these oddities and discrepancies then it's only gonna get worse.  Photos, video, DNA results and total, concrete evidence needs to be released as soon as possible or what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg.

What I do know for sure is that we need to unplug ourselves from the pablum IV drip of mindless entertainment and ready-to-pop Infobitz that mainstream media tends to feed us.  Should we blissfully swallow everything we're told and just assume that there is no shades of grey to the story?  Of course not.

We need to be vigilant, nosy, and willing to put everything we're told under scrutiny.

After all, as historian Howard Zinn once said: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

EPIC  Joe Rogan neatly sums up for me just how ludicrous all of this is:

FAIL  "Osama"..."Obama"...whatever!


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Tremendous post! Thank you for eloquently stating what people should ALL be saying, but aren't because the mainstream media is louder. Total kudos!